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New EP - My Room, My Rules. Available Now

Restraint  Available now from selected online retailers.

Restraint - 1sp part album of a trio release by Dr LK. Containing R&B to Club songs.

Less Chatter, More Torque - Available Now

Less Chatter - 2nd part album of a trio release by Dr LK. The independent artist of R&B & Club music.

More Than Just A Story - Free Download

More Than Just A Story is the 3rd and final album to Dr LK releases. Available as a free download to his R&B & Club tracks.

Dr L.K aka Lincoln Kennedy, an independent artist from the UK, with a self proclaimed notion, "I'm an acquired taste, you'll either love or hate".

"I'm not a rapper or a singer, I'm an artist. And like with art, you'll either love or hate it. But the bottom line is, #thisiswhoiam #TeamDrLK"

Prescribing you a tailored dose of music diversity across the genre's of R&B, Club & his own unorthodox flow of Hip Hop & Rap music.

Take a listen to Dr LK's latest song tracks.

His songs can be described as simple yet
creative, infectious and entertaining. As an independent artist, Dr L.K has his own unique way of administering his diverse flow of lyrical content into a wide range of music styles, including R&B, Hip Hop, Rap & Club music.

Dr LK aka Lincoln Kennedy, independently writes his own lyrics and melodies to his songs, as well as putting together his videos on Youtube. Dr LK is upfront in saying, he's still perfecting his art, but continues to thrive on the passion he breathes and the love he exhales through his songs.

So whether you're in the mood for some emotionally charged R&B or that dance floor pounding Club music, Dr L.K's trio of albums, as well as his EP's, have been injected with a sufficient doseage of compelling music. Not too much and not too little. His flow of Hip Hop, Rap & Club songs are clean, fresh and inviting.

I'm raising funds to put some fresh videos together in 2016/17. Any donations, much appreciated.

Dr L.K's new debut album releases Restraint  & Less Chatter, More Torque are available now. Each album is loaded up with an armoury of 20 songs across the borders of R&B, Club music, Hip Hop & Rap igniting his unorthodox style of flow. In addition to these, all songs on his   More Than Just A Story album are available as Free Downloads, by visiting Dr L.K on Reverbnation.

More Than Just A Story - Track Listing

With Dr L.K aka Lincoln Kennedy what you see isn't always what you get. Expect the unexpected as he takes you across the borders of genre's.

Time to explore Dr LK in his world of R&B, Club, Hip Hop, Rap & light Rock Music. Enjoy.

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