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Dr LK aka Lincoln Kennedy

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New Music/Songs & Talent Manager

Posted on 4 August, 2014 at 11:04 Comments comments (0)
Hey All, out there.

So it's been a little while since I threw up some fresh news as to what's been happening behind the scenes in my music world. Well I've been working with producers on various lines of new music material from their productions to write some fresh songs and tracks to. As usual the style of songs will be diverse in true Dr LK style and I hope to be putting a few new music singles out around Sept/Oct 2014, that's the current time-frame.

I've had a recent positive boost to my projects by teaming up with my new Talent Manager/Publicist Tamara Claire Khan from Aire Communications. So it's great to have someone with professional understanding and knowledge on-board, as I've enlisted her services to take on the management and public relations side of things.

The music world is such a maze, it's so easy to fall behind, miss opportunities and even fail to see avenues you should be taking, if you've not got the right people in your corner. 

I was pleased to have achieved my goal of releasing my albums "Restraint", "More Torque, Less Chatter" & "More Than Just A Story", last year 2013. Each of these having 20 songs and tracks ranging across the music genre.

During 2014, as well as releasing and writing some new song singles, I'll also be working on the video side of things in the latter part of the year. I hope to release a further 3 new song singles this year, with a whole new album due to be released in 2015. So I'll have plenty to keep me busy on the music side of things.

Having Tamara on board from Aire Communications, it will give me extra time and space to concentrate on my song writing. Not only that, but by having a Talent Manager behind you to give you extra direction and a boost to what you're doing or want to achieve, is nothing less than a great thing.

So from me Dr LK (Lincoln Kennedy) that's the latest coming from my corner.

Hope all is going well for you in life, in terms of your dreams, aims and goals.

Stay focused and Blessed all.

Dr LK on Vevo

Posted on 27 January, 2014 at 14:49 Comments comments (190)
Blessings to all passing by this way.

Just a short quick update to let you know that the official Vevo Channel for Dr LK is now up and running. The first music video to be uploaded onto the Vevo Music Channel is called "Matter Of Time". So whenever you've got 3 minutes spare, why not hop on the express train V.I.P style (link below) and be taken directly to the debut music video by Dr LK to be aired on his Vevo Music Channel.

More music video will be uploaded in due course real soon. 

All The Best


Restraint - The Album - Available Online Now

Posted on 27 December, 2013 at 14:05 Comments comments (0)

Shout out to you all,

The re-release of Restraint is now live up on selected online retailers and ready for purchase. This album has been re-released to boost its content online from 15 to 20 tracks. Some of which have also been re-recorded in comparison to the original release back in 2012.

Thanks all and hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and festive season.

All the best and catch you soon.........


More Than Just A Story - Free Download of singles

Posted on 12 October, 2012 at 12:57 Comments comments (94)

Hi all, it's Dr LK knocking on your door.

Just giving you all a heads up here to let you know that by way of thanks for past, present and future support, I'm making the 3rd installment of my 3 debut album releases available as a free download.

"More Than Just A Story" is fused with an artillery of 20 tracks, ready to take aim and shoot in your direction. But don't worry people, it's not live ammo, but it's not firing blanks either, as each track contains and equal balance of entertainment, creativity, emotional, upbeat, inspirational and memorable content.

You can download each track right here on my Reverbnation profile from the songs playlist. The track listing is as follows :-

1. Showtime
2. Crazy Fame
3. I'm On It
4. Fire
5. Cradling Pretence
6. Backstage Pass
7. When You Come Home
8. Now I'm Making Hits
9. No Roots
10. Since You Left Me
11. Fire Under My Skin
12. Hittin The Club
13. Memories
14. Nightmare
15. Power Hour
16. My Hearts On Fire
17. Bullet Proof
18. Knock em Down
19. I'm Already Gone
20. The Greatest

My other 2 installments to my trio of debut albums, "Restraint" & "Less Torque, More Chatter", will be available to purchase download from here in the near future through my Official Store. They will also be made available to purchase through various online retailers (although this process will take a little while longer). Also the albums released through online retailers will only carry a max of 15 tracks each, compared to the 20 tracks if purchased direct from me, for much less too, reeeeesult people :)

Oh and hey, why not check out some of the Youtube videos I've put together? They're nothing flash and fancy etc, but just a little something I've rummaged together to highlight a few of my songs. More indepth videos are due to follow in the early parts of 2013.

That's about all for now people, from me, Dr LK.