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Dr LK aka Lincoln Kennedy

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Bridging over the borders

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If Only Like A Beginning

Posted on 23 January, 2020 at 9:40 Comments comments (0)

If Only Like A Beginning.

If only like a beginning, there would never be an end.
For the lives we live and paths we take, is like a treasured book end.
At times we start from the back, reading the story in reverse.
Travelling between the facts, as the truth can be adverse.

A day is like a chapter, pages numbered like the stars,
For life ever after, can heal wounded scars.
But in faith we must trust, through faith we must believe,
For the ink is our life's blood, the stories we write, the journey's we heed.

Mistakes are like a lesson, for without what do we learn,
Achievements are more of a blessing, for with them we'll overturn,
All of which we couldn't face, all of which we couldn't see,
Which is why blinded faith, is for those who don't believe.

Those without focus, those without a goal,
For with life what is the purpose, is your soul for you to own?,
Investment is more than a conviction, for wealth doesn't mean a thing,
Upliftment is more of sustainment, it's like a piece of string.

Should you grasp the short end, what return in life will you gain,
But should you grasp the long end, what mistakes will you make again,
For life is like the beginning, there is no end to face,
It's all about what you put in, it's all about the faith you retain.

If only like a beginning, there would never be an end.
For the lives we live and paths we take, is like a treasured book end.

Stay forever blessed.

© 2020. Lincoln Kennedy. All rights reserved.

The Sea of Calm.

Posted on 6 October, 2016 at 13:08 Comments comments (0)
The Sea of Calm

The sea of calm, the wrath of desire, friend or foe, to release the heat.
You plan to walk, but stalk your dreams, weapons of compassion, armour that bleeds.
Mountains to climb, stairs to ascend, to reach the top before the sunset.
A journey of wit, as you strategically place, each beat of your heart in a game of roulette.

Life is a gamble, the stakes are high, knowledge and wisdom, belief for your guide.
We live to ponder, the opening of doors, the fronts secure, unlock from inside.
Focus and valour, your army awaits, ready to attack, defend and over-throw.
Know your heart, for your mind to follow, it beats a code no-one else can borrow.

Dreams are formed as clouds rule high, to surf your goals like waves in the night.
Never to fall, always to rise, success will be your queen at your side.
Distant stars seeking homage to share, gather round like puzzles on air.
Join up the dots and you will see, the storm before the calm of sincerity.

The sea of calm, the wrath of desire,
True elements of love, a marriage that inspires.

Behind Closed Curtains

Posted on 1 June, 2014 at 7:44 Comments comments (102)
"Behind Closed Curtains"

Behind closed curtains a distant world sleeps,
dreams that awaken, absent memories from the deep.

Street lights expose the shadows, flowers extend their roots,
life widens then it narrows, as dreams dance on the roofs.

Stars performing rituals, giving birth to wishes we make,
avoiding all the obstacles, to grow within our embrace.

Colours of a rainbow, a view like crystal snow,
breathes love into the hollows, lighting up the way to go.

Some pray yet don't believe, some hate but still they love,
confused sometimes deceived, moving forward but never above.

Reflections with no mirrors, conversations without words,
affection wins over sinners, who cursed until they learnt.

That life is more than living, that to die means more to live,
it's much more than just forgiving, it's knowing how to forgive.

We dream of love everlasting, many hearts that beat as one,
sometimes it feels like fasting, as souls hunger for Gods love.

Spirits remain silent, Faith sings from the sky,
for we must be compliant, after all he sacrificed.

For if there's life ever-after, behind those curtains we've drawn,
we'll be opening a new chapter, for Gods will is for one and all.


© 2014 Lincoln Patterson. All rights reserved.

The Birth of Our Needs

Posted on 1 June, 2014 at 7:42 Comments comments (0)
"The Birth of Our Needs"

The skeleton bodies of naked trees,
blossomed leafs of mystery,
dancing petals in the breeze,
their resting place beneath our feet.

Magical tones within the air,
wishes granted then disappear,
fairies sleep as if to share,
a hidden world beyond life’s sphere.

Footprints tattooed amongst the sand,
the moonlight widowed as the sun commands,
rainbows to rise across the land,
like memories we hold in the palm of our hands.

A breath a step a thought to hold,
the paths we take dictate our goals,
our shadowed past as time unfolds,
the wrongs and rights we're yet to know.

Wisdom and trust like a solemn vow,
a marriage to life the here and now,
we know not tomorrow but learn from today,
what the future holds our past paved the way.

The skeleton bodies of naked trees,
blossomed leafs of mystery,
dancing petals in the breeze,
our resting place the birth of our needs.

© 2014 Lincoln Patterson. All rights reserved.