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Dr LK aka Lincoln Kennedy

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Someone Help Me Out (Mental Health Awareness Week)

Posted on 18 May, 2020 at 15:25 Comments comments (3579)

Someone Help Me Out - Watch Video.

Mental Health Awareness 2020 (May 18th-May 24th).

Song available as a free download from Soundcloud Profile...

This song track is in recognition for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020. After losing a friend to this stealth like illness and condition, it's a cause that remains close and deep within me. To highlight the plight, anxiety and fight, so many people go through and are facing in their lives due to a Mental Health Condition. And in so many cases, alone, as it's one of those taboo scenarios in life where it's either hidden from or hidden away. It's that silent cry for assistance so many shed tears for, but they go unheard and unseen. The reality of the battles people face and the deep desire for support in life, which again is hard for many to reach out and ask for. It's to come together as a nation, a community, a family, as we try to understand this serious illness and condition. Mental Health is heavily guarded by an army of emotions, making it that much harder to spot, under the camouflage of invisibility.

It may just take inspiration, comfort in as many ways as possible, a simple phone call or support on a longer more consistent scale, to spread the love of caring. For even the simplest of support in life, can help someone overcome and get through their battle with Mental Health Issues.

We all have challenging and time consuming personal lives to live, concentrating on our own goals and achievements we set ourselves, which can make it that much harder to even spot someone who is reaching out for help.
Be it a friend, a family member, your partner, a work colleague, even a stranger, reaching out with a simple but comforting hello or a smile, maybe all it takes to help that someone get through that day.

For some people, to be strong is their weakness.

#MentalHealthAwareness2020 #MentalHealthAwareness #Anxiety #MentalHealthMonth #FreeMusic #Musician #Support #Inspiration #UK #SpreadPositivity #Uplifting #InspirationalQuotes #Illness #Medical #NeverAlone #NeverGiveUp #BeStrong #Life #Community #Family #ReachOut #ReachBeyond #MentalHealth #TogetherWeFight #TeamDrLK #Soundcloud #SinimaBeats #RotorVideos #DrLK #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

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On Fire - Dr LK, ft. Marka

Posted on 8 May, 2020 at 18:04 Comments comments (0)

Available to pre-save now on streaming platforms :-
Official Release on 29.05.20

On Fire, is the 3rd new music release of 2020 by Dr LK. Once again mixing up the genre's. Underground Hip Hop, a flick of Grime, an injection of street Rap, a splice of RnB, with Dr LK's blunt yet to the point precision and sharp approach in his lyrical flow.

To Dr LK, On Fire is more a song track about self belief. It's not so much about the competition, challenges or knock backs you may come across in life. It's about finding that conscious balance within yourself, as you go toe to toe with your sub-conscious personality. As in life, the greatest battle you may face is with yourself and the standards you set.

You'll always come across haters in life, and remember, everyone has an opinion, but love defines who you are as a person. You just got to keep it all in perspective.

Dr LK, an Independent Artist from the UK, United Kingdom, continues his experimental journey along the various genres of music.

Available to pre-save now on streaming platforms :-
Official Release 29.05.20

#StayHomeStaySafe #TeamDrLK #IndependentArtist #HipHopMusicVideo #NewMusicRelease2020 #Rockitpro #Marka #OfficialMusicVideo #UK #UpcomingAlbum #CleanHipHop #HipHopSpotifyPlaylist #HipHopCulture #YoutubeMusic #HipHopMusic #MusicVideo #Youtube #Instagram #GrimeMusic #Music #Spotify #Instamood #Inspiration #HipHopMusicGym #Artist #DiscoverMusic #NewMusic2020 #PlaylistCurator #HipHopPlaylist #LockdownPlaylist #MusicBlog

Track Produced by :- Rockit Pro Productions @Rockitpro
Song Lyrics\Melody (verses) :- Written & Performed by Dr LK
Hook :- Written & Performed by Marka.
Video Produced by :- Dr LK, Images and footage courtesy of Rotor Video & Pexels.

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Bow Down - Dr LK, ft. Cryptic Wisdom

Posted on 8 May, 2020 at 17:51 Comments comments (101)

Bow Down - Dr LK, ft. Cryptic Wisdom.

Available to pre-save now on streaming platforms :-
Official Release Date :- 29.05.20

An Underground Hip Hop track with a statement.  Conscious Rap on a slower rhythmic scale, reflecting the convictions of life and one of being judged or not to be judge. To have that deep rooted ability to turn any negatives into positives, using the love that defines you.

Bow Down is fresh from the music archives of Dr LK. Originally recorded back in 2012 but never released, you can now exclusively hear one of his latest new music releases for 2020. To be closely followed by "On Fire", completing the double releases of singles for you to pre-listen to on Youtube.

Dr LK, an Independent Artist from the UK, United Kingdom, continues his experimental journey along the various genres of music.

#StayHomeStaySafe #TeamDrLK #IndependentArtist #HipHopMusicVideo #UndergroundHipHop #ConsciousRap #Allrounda #CrypticWisdom #AudioMusicVideo #UK #UnitedKingdom #HipHopSpotifyPlaylists #Experimental #HipHopCulture #YoutubeMusic #MP3 #HipHopMusic #MusicVideo #Youtube #Instagram #Lovelife #Music #Motivation #Spotify #Instamood #Inspiration #Goals #Artist #Instagood #NewMusic2020 #Political #LincolnKennedy #MusicBlog

Track Produced by :- Allrounda Productions
Song Lyrics\Melody (verses\adlib) :- Written & Performed by Dr LK
Hook :- Written & Performed by Cryptic Wisdom.

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If Only Like A Beginning

Posted on 23 January, 2020 at 9:40 Comments comments (0)

If Only Like A Beginning.

If only like a beginning, there would never be an end.
For the lives we live and paths we take, is like a treasured book end.
At times we start from the back, reading the story in reverse.
Travelling between the facts, as the truth can be adverse.

A day is like a chapter, pages numbered like the stars,
For life ever after, can heal wounded scars.
But in faith we must trust, through faith we must believe,
For the ink is our life's blood, the stories we write, the journey's we heed.

Mistakes are like a lesson, for without what do we learn,
Achievements are more of a blessing, for with them we'll overturn,
All of which we couldn't face, all of which we couldn't see,
Which is why blinded faith, is for those who don't believe.

Those without focus, those without a goal,
For with life what is the purpose, is your soul for you to own?,
Investment is more than a conviction, for wealth doesn't mean a thing,
Upliftment is more of sustainment, it's like a piece of string.

Should you grasp the short end, what return in life will you gain,
But should you grasp the long end, what mistakes will you make again,
For life is like the beginning, there is no end to face,
It's all about what you put in, it's all about the faith you retain.

If only like a beginning, there would never be an end.
For the lives we live and paths we take, is like a treasured book end.

Stay forever blessed.

© 2020. Lincoln Kennedy. All rights reserved.

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What does the year 2020 hold for you?....

Posted on 20 December, 2019 at 18:02 Comments comments (0)

The Year 2020

It's soon to be a New Year.

So, I'm truly interested in hearing and knowing what 2020 holds for you, or what plans & goals you may have set yourself, or what you want or hope to achieve?

For me, well it's to expand and explore the bounderies I accomplished in 2019. I'd set myself various challenges and goals for 2019. Some of which I achieved, some of which I shall carry on into the year 2020.

You know, a little like holidays you're entitled to at work. For some, the ones you do no use up in the current year, you can carry forward.

And under the same premise, for the ones where you're not allowed to carry holidays forward to the next year, well that's opportunites missed.

Which brings me to the point of, never waste an opportunity. To always seize the moment, grasp it, focus on it and execute it with determination and passion.

So, for me, one of the aspects I'll be challenging in 2020 is my music and songs. To continue to work on my craft, to continue to work outside of the box and not fit in with the stereotypical normality of what is around in the music industry. To continue to be challenged to work in genre's that may not be suitable to me or in my comfort zone.

For, if you stay within that comfort zone and stay with the parallel level of normality or what is expected, then how are you challenging yourself?

I enjoy working, writing and recording songs in various styles and genre's of music. The producers I come across range so much.

I'm no perfectionist and have many flaws, but I'm not here to fit in or please others, in that respect.

There are so many levels and standards in music and the songs that are written. It's almost like languages, you have an individual who is multi-lingual, can speak in many languages. Well my aim is to be multi-musical, in the sense I will write and record songs to many different styles, and I'll have a go at performing them myself. For that is who I am.

I've been asked so many times, who influences me, which artists out there I'd compare myself too, sound like or fit in with? Well the answer is none.

Also, I'm not one for all this digitised vocals or high tech plug-ins etc that changes so much in the way you sound or come across on a recording, be it the norm or not, it's not me.

I welcome critics and believe me, I've had many, along with the haters. But my passion and love for music and song, continues to drive me on my personal journey.

And you should be the same too. DO NOT take it personal when you receive comments or suggestions from haters or critics. Stay passionate about your craft in life, no matter what it is. For if you begin to try too much to please others, you'll lose your way.

2019 has been a blessing, and I aim to be blessed further in 2020.

New Years resolutions.....I never make any.....Simple.

So be it your job, your relationship, a friendship, your family, places you want to go or to be, things you want to change or achieve, things or goals you want to acquire or obtain, just remain passionate, focused, guided and determined. And most importantly, believe in yourself and know your worth. For anything or anything below you, is not worth it. Trust.

Postivity and positive vibes and love, will always reign and conquer over everything else.

Stay strong. Love music, love songs, love life and love yourself for who you are. For nobody else on this earth, created you, so you owe nobody nothing. Live and love for your faith and you belief in life.

I am a believer in Christ, so,
Give thanks, stay blessed and God's Love.

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We're Losing Another Rap Generation....

Posted on 11 December, 2019 at 13:48 Comments comments (0)
So, this it the title that fronts the headline for yet another young life in the rap industry lost. Be it through being murdered, commiting murder, drugs or other kind of violence.

What is it with the youth culture and rap, of today, that exploits and highlights such acts? It's like the new rap, is R.A.P = React and Pay.....Pay with you life. Be it your life behind bars or the killing of someone "spitting bars", or the use of bars, knives and guns....

So many lives lost and destroyed, not to mention the loved ones and families also left with the destructing pain of dealing with the aftermath.

I don't want to name, names, but I'm sure many will know of so many who have recently become victim of this R.A.P culture that is spreading at an alarming rate, quicker than the wind itself.

There are so many Rap artists out there, who are deep rooted and all about the love and peace, not the violence. Again, no names mentioned.

Seriously, what is the purpose behind it all? Why so much lack of respect for life and love itself? Why so young, yet fuelled with this hatred and passion for volumanising violence? It's not meant to be this way.

I know rap, gang culture and violence seem to go hand in hand and most see it as always being that way? But no. Take the stand, and use this platform, which is so highly followed by influential and vulnerable youngsters to educate and put them on the right path, of peace, love and unity, within a community and not one of this so-called post code territory.

It's not even a case of, what's your name, but where you're from? And if your post code isn't right, then just like undelivered mail, your life is unlikely to see or be delivered to the next day....

Music and life, is the soul. It's the butter that's put on the bread of love. It's not meant to be this sweat and sour, hate or leave it (be killed) etc.

Youngsters need guidance, but they're being guided by the young and unwise.....

Knife crime, gun crime, drug crime, manipulative crime, hate crime, jealous crime, greed crime, want crime, intimidated crime, protection crime and so on, it's all crime. And lets not forget the systematically crime, because the system also plays a huge role in what's going on and what can be prevented. Now that's getting into the politics and governing bodies involved. With all their cuts and abandonment, thier preferancial treatment of certain cultures, the education system of the less fortunate and the youngsters who may need that little extra help, the way society stereotypes certain cultures, the slavery of colour and beliefs, it all plays a part.....

In life, we need to start using music and song for more positive and educating purposes. This is a goal and aim of mine for 2020 and the New Year ahead.

How is it, nations can come together for sporting events, music events and so on, and see no colour etc amongst the crowd? Cause we're all there as one, One Nation. Remember or know that song?

I really could go on, but come on, just spread the word, spread the love and let the sweet sound and uplifting, guiding, loving and peaceful tones of harmony through the music and songs, bring us together.

Much Love and Blessings.

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Move Mountains - The positives in Life.

Posted on 22 November, 2019 at 14:53 Comments comments (0)

In life we can be faced with so many ups and downs,
obstacles we need to tackle and mountains we need to climb.
At such times we may find it hard to
find a grip on life's situations, to find
that stable and firm foothold,
enabling us to overcome what we face.

We need that injection of positivity,
that foundation of self belief within ourselves.
The encouragement and support from our
faith and will to succeed.

Take a listen and watch this latest inspiring
and positive new song from Dr LK.
Digest the energy of this songs subtle but firm hand
of such encouragement.

Remember life is not about failure,
for you can never fail in life.

Know your self worth and never let anyone discourage you
from what you believe in, what you what to achieve,
and most importantly, who you are.

Stay Blessed.

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Move Mountains

Posted on 13 November, 2019 at 11:32 Comments comments (0)

Move Mountains - Listen on Spotify.

Move Mountains, an R&B inspirational song about overcoming obstacles you may face in life. To have that positive attitude and belief in yourself. So even when faced with tough times in life, you're able to move mountains, to succeed, to achieve and to believe. An uplifting, feel good and encouraging new song from
Dr LK.

Positive flowing new music to get you through each new challenge
in life.

Available across all major online platforms and streaming services.

Credits :-

Song written and performed by Dr LK
Track produced by Sinima

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Move Tha Thing. Dr LK, ft. Alicia Renee

Posted on 21 August, 2019 at 12:29 Comments comments (214)

Watch the Official New Music Video now on Youtube. 
#TeamDrLK invites you to #Showmeyourmoves
to this fiery and sensual, upbeat song.
Available now on all platforms.

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All New Music Alert 2019 from Dr LK

Posted on 17 August, 2019 at 12:28 Comments comments (0)

Reaching out and connecting out.
To all those who establish a link across the music portals.

Prepare to be docked.

This one in-particular, you could say bares the DNA of,
Dancehall, Club, Reggae and RnB.

New music about to touchdown and take off next week.
This will include an animated music video to go
with the song.

What style, you may wonder?
Well it's DNA is cloned from various music genre's.

Dr LK has recently described his style and genre of music for his songs as,

As he continues to explore, create, adapt and experiment with
the various styles of genre of music out there.

The countdown has begun, in t-minus 48hours......

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