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Dr LK aka Lincoln Kennedy

R&B - Club Music. Hip Hop & Rap Musi

Bridging over the borders

Musics my Empire, Writings my Soul

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In Life

Posted on 19 June, 2019 at 10:57 Comments comments (0)

In Life

In life, sometimes you got to look beyond a blank screen. See the wider picture and trust in it's reflection. You don't always have to be switched on, in order to focus on.

Life has an energy that is powered from within. So even in the dark, you can see where you need to be. As being where you need to be, is not the same as being where you want to be. Step back and look at your reflection in the dark. You'll be amazed how much you can see when not blinded by confusion. Switch the channel and turn down the volume of distraction. Then you'll be able to not only see, but, hear your reflection.

#teamdrlk #inspiration #beinspired #inspirationalquotes #stayfocused #reflectionoflife #liveyourdream #life #focusonyourlife #givethanks #believeinyourself #judgenot #onessoul #love #inspired #lifeislove #loveislife #beblessed #givethanks

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My Riches

Posted on 27 May, 2019 at 7:56 Comments comments (0)

My Riches

My riches will come in the afterlife. For that is where I've invested my time (life) on Earth.

So when my investment matures, the return will be my spiritual fortunes.

"Lincoln Kennedy".

I've listened to and continue to listen to songs by so many different people. To this day I feel Bob Marley has some of the deepest and most meaningful songs. The kind that takes your conscious thoughts onto a higher level.

Words of wisdom and spirituality. Mankind has become lost along the way. Misguided by the system and the human nature for want of greed and riches.

Life eternal is attained depending on how much you apply your faith and morally invest in your time on Mother Earth.

#spirituality #investmentinlife #lifethereafter #richesandfortunes #keepthefaith #knowyourdestiny #lifeisprecious #wordsofwisdom #bobmarley #conciousthoughts #mankind #earth #motherearth #Godisgreat #blessings #musicislove #lovethyGod #faith #wisdom #lifeeternal #eternallife #morals

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Later On Tonight - Dr LK, ft. Alicia Renee

Posted on 23 September, 2018 at 14:21 Comments comments (89)

New Music Releases 2018.

Is the 2nd new single release by Dr LK of 2018.
His new music releases continues to gain momentum,
as Dr LK prepares for his new album release in 2019.

Later On Tonight is all about keeping the summer vibes going,
as the climate cools through the seasons
until summer comes around again.
Dancing and having a good time to music and songs is the
perfect way to keep the blood in your veins hot
throughout the cooler seasons.

Discovering new music is what Dr LK is all about.

Later On Tonight is sure to bring those club vibes
into your home.
And should you hear it in a club in the future,
well take the roof off.

The song is in the genre and style of club meets dance music,
with a R&B and contemporary flow of Hip Hop & Rap.

As you know, or should you not know, Dr LK's music,
is one of diversity.
The songs that Dr LK writes and records leaves the listener
intrigued as to what direction the next song will take.
Discovering new music is at the heart of our souls,
and for Dr LK, it's from his soul that he generates and discovered
his passion for writing and performing songs of most styles.

Later On Tonight, is a high energy song. One of many,
which he has written to, with collaborations of the
talented Alicia Renee, and the producer Allrounda Productions.

You can watch the Official Music Video for Later On Tonight on
Youtube now.
The song is also available to download and stream from all major online
retailers and streaming sites.

No matter your music taste or the style of songs you like to listen to,
discovering new music by
Dr LK is of the kind of style you can grow to love.
You may not be instantly drawn to his songs,
but they'll leave an imprint on you that infects you
in such a way, you'll want to hear more of his songs and his music.

His next new album, which is due for release in-time for the summer of 2019,
is sure to wet the appetite of music lovers from around
the global sphere of music genres.

You can sign up to or follow Dr LK across his Social Networks to keep
upto date with the progress, as well as his new music releases,
which will continue right up until the new album release.

You can add him to your New Album Releases 2019 checklist.

Stay Blessed.

#TeamDrLK #MyRoomMyRules #Newmusicalert
#Newmusicfriday #Newmusicreleases2018 #Newalbumreleases2019
#NewMusicMonday #OfficialMusicVideo

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Keep Calm, Stand Firm (Official Music Video) & Song

Posted on 9 September, 2018 at 19:24 Comments comments (0)

Available to   download   and stream across the major online retailers and streaming platforms, including Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Amazon, Deezer and so-forth, worldwide.

Itunes :-  Amazon :-
Spotify :-  Tidal :-

Keep Calm, Stand Firm (Official Music Video), is the official new song release 2018 by Dr LK.

Produced and written on a Reggae Music theme, the song has a foundation of trust and belief in His Imperial Majesty. That the love of His Imperial Majesty is one for humanity. Covering topics ranging from knife crime to gun crime, gang culture to youth culture. Along with the everyday need of a mans duty to provide for his family without turning to the streets of violence and crime . Teaching the children and youth of today how we should morally live and treat one and other, learning the history of their culture, for they are the future and the ones who can continue to bring about change as they grow older and wiser. It also has a political message within it, touching on the agenda of corruption. This official music video, also portrays relationships and gives a visual perspective on them. Life on a whole should be one of equality and justice, no matter your colour or beliefs. Knowledge and wisdom is also a strong vocal point of this song. To "Stand Firm in your judgement, knowing that your way of life is more than just a movement". How the decisions we make affect the lives of others. This is the official reggae video to the song, from a contemporary sounding and visual point of view, showing a wider scope of life and how we interact with each other across our cultures.

The purpose of the song is also to highlight the importance to protect humanity in a positive, loving, equal and non-judgemental way. Irrespective of ones colour, creed or beliefs. For there truly is too much hate in the world, but love is in abundance.

#TeamDrLK #MyRoomMyRules #KeepCalmStandFirm #newmusicrelease2018 #Reggaemusic2018 #DrLK #HisImperialMajesty #Knowledgeandwisdom #Reggaemusic #Lovemusic #Youthculture #Gangculture #Discovernewmusic #Musicblog #positivevibes #irie #onelove #humanity #blessed #feelingblessed #spreadthelove #musicislove #musicistheway #political #faith #lincolnkennedy #independentartist #unitedkingdom

Credits :-

Song written and performed by Dr LK
Music produced by Sinima
Video footage\images chosen and arranged by Dr LK
Video footage, images and production courtesy of Rotor Videos.

All rights reserved 2018.

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New Album to be unleashed in 2019

Posted on 4 August, 2018 at 16:12 Comments comments (0)
Blessings to all, old n new, past n present.

Dr LK here, the music train is in the station and it's boarding new material, full of passengers seated in the music and songs carriages. A new album will be unleashed, released and ready to land in 2019. Containing a mixture of styles that have been bouncing around my head. Diversity is the key to this new album.

So once again, music is life and songs are the air that breathes life into music. A language for all, the genre's are spread widely across the tones and styles we embrace.

I still have a great passion for working with various music producers, the challenge of writing songs to their production tracks and hearing the end project. As I've always claimed my style and the songs I write isn't for all, you either love or hate it, but music is one of lifes pleasures I treasure.

I strongly believe if you have a true passion and love for something in life, then you should pursue it, build and chase after those dreams in life. If you put your heart and soul into it, then that in itself will be a satisfying reward. Don't chase after trying to please others or have others appreciate and love what you do on the same level as you do. If that happens then that's another bonus.

In life, it's not just music and song, but there are many aspects where you can face dissapointment for something you love doing.

Each of the songs and music I put togther, I put my heart, soul and feelings into them, whether the song refers to a personal experience or that of someone else.

This will be my 4th album, and the exciting thing for me is that even I'm not sure what or how the end product will sound. But in these early stages I'm loving the song diversity that I'm laying down. Reggae, Dancehall, Club, Hip Hop\Rap & RnB infused music, coming together as one.

Life is out there to live and I'm sure many of you are doing just that. It's so easy in life to be held back, or to make hard sacrifices along the way, but life is life and we have to embrace it.

I hope the new album will reach out to some and you're able to enjoy and relate to it in your own way, in different aspects of your life.

I've also been re-recording some songs that I have pre-released or never released, so may be releasing a little EP in the meantime.

Be sure to link up with my various social media networks to be kept upto date.

Love Music, Love Song, Love life & Love Yourself.

#TeamDrLK #Lovelife #Livethedream #Knowyourworth #Bestrong #Staystrong #Negativityispositivity #Makeithappen #Setyourgoals #Liveyourdream #Theskyisthelimit #Neverbackdown #Haters #Musicfans #Loveformusic #BlessnLove #Onelove #Wearewhoweare #myroommyrules

Bless N Love

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Married to Music

Posted on 3 December, 2017 at 17:30 Comments comments (0)
Hey to all you that are married to music, no matter your style or preference, music is one aspect of life we stay loyal to.

So, I just wanted to give you all a heads up, that in my music world, I've been, well, not so much re-inventing myself and what I do, but exploring new and different boundaries in music and song, but still staying within the embrace of Dr LK, my music and who I am. Never afraid of taking on a challenge, or taking a leap of faith not knowing where the landing platform may lead me.

I guess in life, that is what life is all about sometimes. Taking that leap of faith, don't or not being afraid of the unkown. To have belief in yourself and never to believe in failure. Set your own life goals and not the ones others may set or expect of you in or from your life.

So, no matter where you are in life, just remember it's your life, your goals, your path. Don't let anyone deter you from the journey you have set out for yourself, so long as it's a positive, moral and soul rewarding one. You are your music in life.

Give thanks and keep the love.

Bless n Love


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Live life, with love

Posted on 29 July, 2017 at 18:26 Comments comments (1)
Live #Life with #Love

You have to laugh with life, cry with life, live with life, party with life, learn with life, make mistakes with life. Live #life with #love

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Dr LK live on Instagram

Posted on 31 May, 2017 at 12:54 Comments comments (96)

Heads Up All,

So, I've been doing what I do, and working on some different style of music. Well not too different, just the usual, or you could say un-usual music fashion style that Dr LK brings you.

I will be doing a special live personal performance, I say personal as will be streaming live from inside my own house. I'll be using Instagram to stream these songs live to you, so you can hook me up at my Instagram handle, which is DrLK2534 or follow this link :-

As well as these hot new songs, which are hot off the press and still in the recording phase, I will also be performing a few of my previously recorded and released song tracks. I just love music, songs and what I do.

The planned day for this live stream of songs on Instagram will be Monday 5th June 2017. UK time, still to be confirmed, but it will be during the afternoon.

So, if you'd like to be treated to this personal treat of me singing and getting with the vibes and high energy, then just link me up on my Twitter Profile, where I'll be keeping you up-to date.

The best part, it's free and you won't even have to leave your house or you can catch me while you're on the move, no matter where you are in the world.

Music and song bridges that gap and brings us together. It's a language we all understand and can relate to at some stage or point in our lives. Our way to express life and what goes on around and within it.

Where would we be as a nation without music and the songs we love.

Rememeber, I'm an acquired taste haha. Tailor fitted to some, others may need a little re-fitting, so to speak haha. But it's all about the love and I love what I do with sincere passion and sincerity.

So again, catch me on the above link. Or click on my image in this post.

Hope to see and hear what you think on Monday. Live on Instagram, DR LK is coming to you with his music and songs.

Stay Blessed.

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Dr LK on Spotify

Posted on 5 May, 2017 at 15:58 Comments comments (116)
Hey All,

Just a quick update and heads up to let you know you can also find me on Spotify. Follow the link to my music portal and teleport yourself over.

Working on some new music, bringing a twist to the style of songs I write, in true Dr LK fashion as you know it. We all know music is like fashion, and that sums my music and style up a treat, as it may fit some perfect, others may have to tailor it to their music size (style) a little and then there's those who it won't fit at all. But with that said, I hope it's a case of one size fits all and it grows on you in some way :) .

Bless Up
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Billy Monger F4 Racing Accident

Posted on 20 April, 2017 at 4:35 Comments comments (98)
Billy Monger F4 Racing Accident.

I've been following this sad story unfold since the accident of Billy Monger at Donnington, which I happened to be watching at the time. My thoughts are with poor Billy and his family, who had his heart set on winning the F4 championship this year. Not only is his career over in motor racing as a fully able bodied driver, but his whole life will change from the effects of this accident and losing his legs. But lets be thankful he survived such a horrific accident.

Motor racing, as well as many other sport have their own dangers, and as much as the participants are aware, it is their passion and for most, their career or future careers.

Billy Monger and his family have sacrificed so much over the years, to get him where he is today as a F4 Racing Driver.

I am sure questions will be asked of the race stewards and an investigation will take place. Questions such as, how long had the car been stationary on the track (on the racing line may I add)?

Should the race have been red flagged the moment the car had stopped?

There are marshalls all around the track, especially at high risk areas and corners. So should a marshall have been waving at least a yellow flag at the time?

A car that is racing at high speed does not suddenly come to a complete stop, so this car, given the speed it would have been doing, would have been slowing down for some time before it came to a stop. So how quick were or how quickly could the marshalls and race stewards reacted?.

As you can see from the footage, the driver in-front had a clear track ahead, so was able to see the stranded car in-time to take avoided action. Unfortunate for Billy, he was behind this car, slip streaming at speed, preparing for an overtake, unable to see past the car.

It has got to be so heart-breaking for the family. And like they said, one of their worst nightmare scenarios.

And lets not start moaning and complaining about how much an individual should donate to the fund. As unless we know the individual personally, we don't know how much support they are offering.

Lewis Hamilton for one is very passionate about his racing and as a former young race driver himself, I am sure he will contribute in many ways and show his support. Just because a person is rich, does not make them the devil or inconsiderate.

Once again, sincere thoughts to Billy and his family, as they face the toughest race of their lives, on the road to recovery and rehabilitation.


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