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Keep Calm, Stand Firm (Official Music Video) & Song

Posted on 9 September, 2018 at 19:24

Available to   download   and stream across the major online retailers and streaming platforms, including Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Amazon, Deezer and so-forth, worldwide.

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Keep Calm, Stand Firm (Official Music Video), is the official new song release 2018 by Dr LK.

Produced and written on a Reggae Music theme, the song has a foundation of trust and belief in His Imperial Majesty. That the love of His Imperial Majesty is one for humanity. Covering topics ranging from knife crime to gun crime, gang culture to youth culture. Along with the everyday need of a mans duty to provide for his family without turning to the streets of violence and crime . Teaching the children and youth of today how we should morally live and treat one and other, learning the history of their culture, for they are the future and the ones who can continue to bring about change as they grow older and wiser. It also has a political message within it, touching on the agenda of corruption. This official music video, also portrays relationships and gives a visual perspective on them. Life on a whole should be one of equality and justice, no matter your colour or beliefs. Knowledge and wisdom is also a strong vocal point of this song. To "Stand Firm in your judgement, knowing that your way of life is more than just a movement". How the decisions we make affect the lives of others. This is the official reggae video to the song, from a contemporary sounding and visual point of view, showing a wider scope of life and how we interact with each other across our cultures.

The purpose of the song is also to highlight the importance to protect humanity in a positive, loving, equal and non-judgemental way. Irrespective of ones colour, creed or beliefs. For there truly is too much hate in the world, but love is in abundance.

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Credits :-

Song written and performed by Dr LK
Music produced by Sinima
Video footage\images chosen and arranged by Dr LK
Video footage, images and production courtesy of Rotor Videos.

All rights reserved 2018.

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