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My Riches

Posted on 27 May, 2019 at 7:56

My Riches

My riches will come in the afterlife. For that is where I've invested my time (life) on Earth.

So when my investment matures, the return will be my spiritual fortunes.

"Lincoln Kennedy".

I've listened to and continue to listen to songs by so many different people. To this day I feel Bob Marley has some of the deepest and most meaningful songs. The kind that takes your conscious thoughts onto a higher level.

Words of wisdom and spirituality. Mankind has become lost along the way. Misguided by the system and the human nature for want of greed and riches.

Life eternal is attained depending on how much you apply your faith and morally invest in your time on Mother Earth.

#spirituality #investmentinlife #lifethereafter #richesandfortunes #keepthefaith #knowyourdestiny #lifeisprecious #wordsofwisdom #bobmarley #conciousthoughts #mankind #earth #motherearth #Godisgreat #blessings #musicislove #lovethyGod #faith #wisdom #lifeeternal #eternallife #morals

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