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What does the year 2020 hold for you?....

Posted on 20 December, 2019 at 18:02

The Year 2020

It's soon to be a New Year.

So, I'm truly interested in hearing and knowing what 2020 holds for you, or what plans & goals you may have set yourself, or what you want or hope to achieve?

For me, well it's to expand and explore the bounderies I accomplished in 2019. I'd set myself various challenges and goals for 2019. Some of which I achieved, some of which I shall carry on into the year 2020.

You know, a little like holidays you're entitled to at work. For some, the ones you do no use up in the current year, you can carry forward.

And under the same premise, for the ones where you're not allowed to carry holidays forward to the next year, well that's opportunites missed.

Which brings me to the point of, never waste an opportunity. To always seize the moment, grasp it, focus on it and execute it with determination and passion.

So, for me, one of the aspects I'll be challenging in 2020 is my music and songs. To continue to work on my craft, to continue to work outside of the box and not fit in with the stereotypical normality of what is around in the music industry. To continue to be challenged to work in genre's that may not be suitable to me or in my comfort zone.

For, if you stay within that comfort zone and stay with the parallel level of normality or what is expected, then how are you challenging yourself?

I enjoy working, writing and recording songs in various styles and genre's of music. The producers I come across range so much.

I'm no perfectionist and have many flaws, but I'm not here to fit in or please others, in that respect.

There are so many levels and standards in music and the songs that are written. It's almost like languages, you have an individual who is multi-lingual, can speak in many languages. Well my aim is to be multi-musical, in the sense I will write and record songs to many different styles, and I'll have a go at performing them myself. For that is who I am.

I've been asked so many times, who influences me, which artists out there I'd compare myself too, sound like or fit in with? Well the answer is none.

Also, I'm not one for all this digitised vocals or high tech plug-ins etc that changes so much in the way you sound or come across on a recording, be it the norm or not, it's not me.

I welcome critics and believe me, I've had many, along with the haters. But my passion and love for music and song, continues to drive me on my personal journey.

And you should be the same too. DO NOT take it personal when you receive comments or suggestions from haters or critics. Stay passionate about your craft in life, no matter what it is. For if you begin to try too much to please others, you'll lose your way.

2019 has been a blessing, and I aim to be blessed further in 2020.

New Years resolutions.....I never make any.....Simple.

So be it your job, your relationship, a friendship, your family, places you want to go or to be, things you want to change or achieve, things or goals you want to acquire or obtain, just remain passionate, focused, guided and determined. And most importantly, believe in yourself and know your worth. For anything or anything below you, is not worth it. Trust.

Postivity and positive vibes and love, will always reign and conquer over everything else.

Stay strong. Love music, love songs, love life and love yourself for who you are. For nobody else on this earth, created you, so you owe nobody nothing. Live and love for your faith and you belief in life.

I am a believer in Christ, so,
Give thanks, stay blessed and God's Love.

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