So Where Have I Been???
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So Where Have I Been???

How you all doing out there in this World Wide Web of entertainment & life?

For me it's been a bit of a game of snakes and ladders or even cat and mouse, if you get my drift. So over the last couple of years I've kinda been simmering on a low flame while putting together these albums. You know a little like putting a stew in a slow cooker, adding the ingredients and just letting the flavours slowly come to life.

Dr LK, Independent Artist for R&B, Club, Rap & Rock Music
And here we are, 2012 and the dish is complete and ready to be served up to all of you. It's a bit of an acquired taste, so when you get chance come grab yourself a little slice. There's plenty more for you to come back for if it suits you palette. Each album contains a total of 20 songs, a menu of songs that may not cater for all, but hey that's what dining out is all about :). We pick out the best places etc. You never know, you may well become accustomed to all 3 albums and the songs they contain. Maybe I'll be even lucky to the odd recommendation to your friends or across your social networls :).

It's been an enlightening, challenging, rewarding, emotional, tiring, exciting. intriguing and breath taking journey working on these albums. Guess what? I loved every moment of it and look forward to the rest. Music is most definitely a language we all understand and can relate to. Music is one of the few elements in life we can rely on, no matter what. And for me, music and song is almost like the air I breathe, I inhale in deeply as it fuels me with energy.

Dr L.K, aka Lincoln Kennedy. Music songs for R&B - Club lovers

I've even re-started some of my social links again from scratch, so why not pass by either Facebook or Twitter and introduce yourselves. Be Suave to hear from you, be you past, present, new and hey even future fans of the Dr LK journey.

I hope whatever dreams, goals and aims you've set in your lives, that you continue to pursue them, no matter the obstacles you face, strive on. The most important thing or advice I can give is that you'll never fail. So long as you know within yourself that you've given it your all, your best shot and undivided attention and commitment, then that's a victory in itself. Even if you're not where you'd like to be or hoped to be, giving something your all is success. And that my friends is how to cross over those borders in life.

Much Respect ALL


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