Dangerous Dogs & Children
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Dangerous Dogs & Children

Dangerous dogs attacking and killing children and babies.

So many times this is occurring, we hear it so often, where dangerous dogs and banned breeds kill, maimes and attack young children and babies.

I personally believe both the police and the RSPCA and other authorities are not doing enough. Each and every time such a breed of dangerous dogs is spotted or a breed that looks like a banned breed etc, then the person walking it should be questioned, the dog should be seized for testing, and even if found to be negative, it should be placed under some kind of order etc.

Also with no disrespect to any family that has lost a child through the jaws of a dog, but, they too need to take more responsibility when owning certain breeds of dog, banned or not, dangerous or placid, to be extra careful and vigilant when there are youngsters in the house.

In one of the most recent attacks by a dangerous dog, this dog is a VERY POWERFUL dog, so why on earth did the owner think a speaker and a golf stand would restrain it or keep it in the kitchen if it was determined to get out. The dog knew exactly where it's prey was, in this case a baby, and what it's intentions were. And another point, now I'm not saying there's a link, but if the house was full of drugs and cannabis plants and there was a strong smell, what's to say the aroma in the air didn't affect this dogs behaviour or any other dog that attacks in such a way.

Lets be honest here, we all know that a certain type/class of people own a certain/type of dog/s. If you have small or young children and keep/own certain breeds of dog (or any dog for that matter), under NO CIRCUMSTANCES must that dog be left alone in the vacinity of the child or baby in an environment where it could get at the child.

How many more deaths of children and babies, or maulings of children need to happen at the jaws of dangerous dogs, be them a banned breed of dog or not, before common sense prevails?

My heart goes out to the poor little girl to have died such a horrific death.

Also if the vet were aware of it's aggression, not to mention to the woman who had her cat killed by this same dog, then why didn't the vet report this dogs behaviour to the relevant authorities or the police themselves. Why does it take the death of an innocent human being before people start speaking out?

It's ok thinking or believing the dog you own is not a dangerous dog or a banned breed, but IT'S KNOWING that it isn't or could never be that matters. And what better way to be sure, than to make sure a dog of any breed is never left alone with a young child or baby.

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