Wolf Whistling (Women)
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Wolf Whistling (Women)

Wolf Whistling

After hearing on the news and reading various articles on the subject of wolf whistling, I thought I'd share my views on the matter/subject.

I personally for one, won't and have never wolf whistled any female. If I see a woman who I believe looks nice etc, I'll simply tell her. Be it the clothes she's wearing or her actual physical appearance, I'll let her know in a few polite complimentary choice of words, during that brief moment our paths cross.
Whenever I've done this, I've always got a polite smile of appreciation or a simple thank you from the person and then we're both on our way never to see each other again.

I don't want to get into the argument if wolf whistling is wrong or right, offensive or not. I can only speak from my own personal views and say for me, it's a little like whistling your dog when you're out taking it for a walk and it's ran off or simply lagging behind you and you want it to catch up. You'll whistle etc for it to catch up/come back.

And also when I've heard men being nasty to a woman and calling her names etc, it's things like you ugly dog or you're an ugly dog anyway or even using the word bitch, which is also a term for a female dog etc. So in a those short burst of whistling etc, is kinda connected to dogs etc.

Like I keep saying, just my personal views, and I don't think wolf whistling is a gentlemanly thing to do.

Yes, there are some, maybe many women who do like it. But what we have to remember is we're ALL different. What may offend one person, is sure not to offend another.

Did this woman have the right to call the police and report it etc cause she personally felt offended by the wolf whistling? Yes she did. Why? because she did feel insulted and it was her right to do so. I'm sure if others felt insulted/offended/
uncomfortable etc etc by repeating occurances, then they'd too make some kind of protest in their defence to air their disapproval on what ever the matter involved was about.

And lets flip the coin here to tell the other side of the story. Over the years, I've had women/girls wolf whistling me. Did it offend me? No it didn't, but like I said we're all different and it's all about respecting someones feelings.

The police were right in letting their employer deal with the matter and not to take the action further themselves, as I personally believe too that wolf whistling is not something that should be viewed as a criminal offence. If after the employer speaks to the men involved and they were to continue doing it, knowing it is causing offence or making someone uncomfortable, then yes, at that point they should be talked to by someone from the relevant authorities.

So to cap off my personal views, there's many ways (even in the briefest of encouters) to let a woman know she looks nice, other than wolf whistling.


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join the coin on 11 August 2016 02:50
Excellent post.Thanks for sharing this message.Keep it up...
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