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Home Cooking and Music

Home Cooking and Music

So, I'm in the kitchen doing some home cooking and listening to music. Then my mind runs on the last time I went out to have a meal. Now eating out provides a different atmosphere to home cooking, as your waited upon, there's also music playing as well, and of course depending where you go you have various changes of scenery.

So what makes home cooking and in-house dining so special and rewarding when you're personally preparing food? Well for me home cooking a meal is a personal affair. One where you personally put the love and time into the dishes and meals you're preparing. It also gives you that added challenge of experimenting and trying something new. Also, playing the music of your choice in the background is great company when you're home cooking a meal, as you're guaranteed to be playing music, where the songs you hear adds that extra spice, so to speak, to whatever food you're cooking.

Dining out is a nice treat too, don't get me wrong, but does it give you the same self-satisfaction etc as when you're home cooking food and swaying to music in the private surroundings of your own kitchen? Not only that, but when you are home cooking and preparing meals at home, you know exactly what is going into the dish and also how hygienically it has been prepared etc.

So I guess when you're dining out, you also need to have that level of trust with whichever estabishment is preparing your food.

Music, song and food, it's quite a perfect combination of a dish in itself don't you think?

When I'm home cooking, I don't tend to follow any specific recipe or menu, I simply experiment and just throw random herbs and spices together and see what the final outcome will be. Guess it's a little game of hit and miss, but you know, it's the best way to learn when you're starting out in home cooking and preparing your own food and meals, or even if you're a professional at it, random is good.

I feel that listening to music and songs that I like is like food etc. Helping to relax the mood and take the stress out of home cooking, allowing you to just go with the flow and almost forget how long it can take to prepare a meal.

Uhmmmm a thought just crossed my mind in the sense of, just how much music and songs are out there that actually relate to food and the home cooking lifestyle. A few spring to mind.

Also, when you are doing some home cooking, be it for yourself or guest or a partner, it gives you that extra intimate and personal atmosphere, which ok I suppose you can get when you're dining out, but still, it's not quite the same.

The love of home cooking is so passionate you need that passion for it, for you to feel that self rewarding achievement for the food and meal you're about to prepare. Home cooking is not something we should look at like a chore, but more of a gift/skill.

And with your favourite music and songs playing in the background, you can have a little dance along the way, as you toss the ingredients around here and there, progressing through the preparation stages as your meal comes alive.

So for those who know me better, will know I love to play around with chicken dishes when I'm home cooking a meal. I've also got a thing about putting things in whole, you know no chopping up etc. Especially when I'm using ingredients such as mushrooms etc, just wash a fling them in. Same with peppers, I'll generally just slice them a few times and throw huge chunks in.

So, here's two questions for you :-

What do you like about home cooking the most?

Do you find that listening to music and your favourite songs helps the mood and atmosphere in the kitchen?

OK, lets have one more.... What do you dislike about home cooking?

Enjoy your week ahead all and remember, Home Cooking and Music is a fine recipe for every household.


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