Billy Monger F4 Racing Accident
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Billy Monger F4 Racing Accident

Billy Monger F4 Racing Accident.

I've been following this sad story unfold since the accident of Billy Monger at Donnington, which I happened to be watching at the time. My thoughts are with poor Billy and his family, who had his heart set on winning the F4 championship this year. Not only is his career over in motor racing as a fully able bodied driver, but his whole life will change from the effects of this accident and losing his legs. But lets be thankful he survived such a horrific accident.

Motor racing, as well as many other sport have their own dangers, and as much as the participants are aware, it is their passion and for most, their career or future careers.

Billy Monger and his family have sacrificed so much over the years, to get him where he is today as a F4 Racing Driver.

I am sure questions will be asked of the race stewards and an investigation will take place. Questions such as, how long had the car been stationary on the track (on the racing line may I add)?

Should the race have been red flagged the moment the car had stopped?

There are marshalls all around the track, especially at high risk areas and corners. So should a marshall have been waving at least a yellow flag at the time?

A car that is racing at high speed does not suddenly come to a complete stop, so this car, given the speed it would have been doing, would have been slowing down for some time before it came to a stop. So how quick were or how quickly could the marshalls and race stewards reacted?.

As you can see from the footage, the driver in-front had a clear track ahead, so was able to see the stranded car in-time to take avoided action. Unfortunate for Billy, he was behind this car, slip streaming at speed, preparing for an overtake, unable to see past the car.

It has got to be so heart-breaking for the family. And like they said, one of their worst nightmare scenarios.

And lets not start moaning and complaining about how much an individual should donate to the fund. As unless we know the individual personally, we don't know how much support they are offering.

Lewis Hamilton for one is very passionate about his racing and as a former young race driver himself, I am sure he will contribute in many ways and show his support. Just because a person is rich, does not make them the devil or inconsiderate.

Once again, sincere thoughts to Billy and his family, as they face the toughest race of their lives, on the road to recovery and rehabilitation.


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