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Live life, with love

Live #Life with #Love

You have to laugh with life, cry with life, live with life, party with life, learn with life, make mistakes with life. Live #life with #love

Nuclear Bombs and War.

Nuclear Bombs and War.

I don't think I will ever understand the brutality, in-humane, selfishness, violent, mindless, greedy, soul-less, hypocritical etc and so-forth, of these insane individuals in power who spend so much of our money (through the taxes we pay etc), to build such bombs and weapons of muderous destruction. Throughout the world there are so many needy causes, people in need, worthy charities etc, but yet they will spend billions and billions on developing nuclear weapons that will and can destroy life on a worldwide muderous scale.

Judge Not, The Universe is our God

"Judge Not"

The Universe is our home, our God and it's where we belong and wence we came.??

In life, people are afraid of the dark, but it's the dark that shines and shed so much light on our lives and existence. We fear the dark, as much as we fear the unknown.??

Our existence, The Universe, it's our birth-place, our creation. No matter your colour, creed, religion or beliefs, The Universe was here long before us.??Scientist have spent decades trying to understand it and they portray and translate their findings in a way humans can understand and comprehend.

Two Die As Car Hits Pedestrians In Police Chase

Police chases and the lost of life.

So through Sky News, I've just heard of the following incident in London.
Another tragic loss of innocent life, which involved a police chase.
Police chasing in-experienced drivers at high speed.
Up against, police pursuit drivers trained and experienced
in driving at high speed in dangerous situations.
It's like putting a heavy weight boxer up against a flyweight.
What odds do you think the bookies would offer on such a bout?

Now I know this is a strong subject that has gone on for years.

The past is your future....Your Life.

Whatever you do today, will form the path for your day tomorrow. And whatever you did the day before, would've written your days chapter in life for today.

That is why it's important to live the current day in a way you'd like it to unfold tomorrow. Obviously they'll be the unknown that may change your future path, but it'd still have formed from the past.

Use your past as a learning curve, a tutor, a mentor, a master of wisdom, so to speak. If you ignore the past, how will you ever be in a position to move onto a better future?

Music Has Got Me Hooked

So, it's true....Music Has Got Me Hooked

So hooked it's more than in my bloodstream. So hooked, music and song is the air that I breathe. It doesn't matter how good, how bad or even how much I entertain and inspire others with the songs I write and collaborate to, music and song is just my heart and soul, my life.

You can truly get lost in music, it's like a maze of songs, with only an entry point but no exit. But you don't mind, as your happy to explore and get lost in the depths of music.

Home Cooking and Music

Home Cooking and Music

So, I'm in the kitchen doing some home cooking and listening to music. Then my mind runs on the last time I went out to have a meal. Now eating out provides a different atmosphere to home cooking, as your waited upon, there's also music playing as well, and of course depending where you go you have various changes of scenery.

So what makes home cooking and in-house dining so special and rewarding when you're personally preparing food? Well for me home cooking a meal is a personal affair.

Wolf Whistling (Women)

Wolf Whistling

After hearing on the news and reading various articles on the subject of wolf whistling, I thought I'd share my views on the matter/subject.

I personally for one, won't and have never wolf whistled any female. If I see a woman who I believe looks nice etc, I'll simply tell her. Be it the clothes she's wearing or her actual physical appearance, I'll let her know in a few polite complimentary choice of words, during that brief moment our paths cross.
Whenever I've done this, I've always got a polite smile of appreciation or a simple thank you from the person and then we're both on our way never to see each other again.

Dangerous Dogs & Children

Dangerous dogs attacking and killing children and babies.

So many times this is occurring, we hear it so often, where dangerous dogs and banned breeds kill, maimes and attack young children and babies.

I personally believe both the police and the RSPCA and other authorities are not doing enough. Each and every time such a breed of dangerous dogs is spotted or a breed that looks like a banned breed etc, then the person walking it should be questioned, the dog should be seized for testing, and even if found to be negative, it should be placed under some kind of order etc.

Fitness Training & Exercise

Hey All,

Well I just wanted to tap into the whole Fitness Training and Exercise regime. Aside from music, which I love and have a great passion for. I'm also trying to keep up with all the fitness training and exercise advice, goals and programs out there. As keeping fit is an important part of our lives that so many either neglect, don't do enough, are pushed for time, or a little like me, get confused when you read or follow too much into it.

There's just so many different avenues, professionals, advisers and programs when it comes to fitness training and exercise, that they eventually contradict one an other at some point.
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