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Later On Tonight - Dr LK, ft. Alicia Renee

New Music Releases 2018.

Is the 2nd new single release byDr LKof 2018.
His new music releases continues to gain momentum,
asDr LKprepares for his new album release in 2019.

Later On Tonightis all about keeping the summer vibes going,
as the climate cools through the seasons
until summer comes around again.
Dancing and having a good time to music and songs is the
perfect way to keep the blood in your veins hot
throughout the cooler seasons.

Discovering new music is what

Keep Calm, Stand Firm (Official Music Video) & Song

Available to  download   and stream across the major online retailers and streaming platforms, including Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Amazon, Deezer and so-forth, worldwide.

Itunes :-  Amazon :-
Spotify :-  Tidal :-

Keep Calm, Stand Firm (Official Music Video), is the official new song release 2018 by Dr LK.

Produced and written on a Reggae Music theme, the song has a foundation of trust and belief in His Imperial Majesty.

New Album to be unleashed in 2019

Blessings to all, old n new, past n present.

Dr LKhere, the music train is in the station and it's boarding new material, full of passengers seated in the music and songs carriages. A new album will be unleashed, released and ready to land in 2019. Containing a mixture of styles that have been bouncing around my head. Diversity is the key to this new album.

So once again, music is life and songs are the air that breathes life into music. A language for all, the genre's are spread widely across the tones and styles we embrace.

Married to Music

Hey to all you that are married to music, no matter your style or preference, music is one aspect of life we stay loyal to.

So, I just wanted to give you all a heads up, that in my music world, I've been, well, not so much re-inventing myself and what I do, but exploring new and different boundaries in music and song, but still staying within the embrace of Dr LK, my music and who I am. Never afraid of taking on a challenge, or taking a leap of faith not knowing where the landing platform may lead me.

Dr LK live on Instagram

Heads Up All,

So, I've been doing what I do, and working on some different style of music. Well not too different, just the usual, or you could say un-usual music fashion style thatDr LKbrings you.

I will be doing a special live personal performance, I say personal as will be streaming live from inside my own house. I'll be using Instagram to stream these songs live to you, so you can hook me up at my Instagram handle, which isDrLK2534or follow this link :-

Dr LK on Spotify

Hey All,

Just a quick update and heads up to let you know you can also find me on Spotify. Follow the link to my music portal and teleport yourself over.

Working on some new music, bringing a twist to the style of songs I write, in true Dr LK fashion as you know it. We all know music is like fashion, and that sums my music and style up a treat, as it may fit some perfect, others may have to tailor it to their music size (style) a little and then there's those who it won't fit at all.

Music, Song Review & Press Release

Dr LK's Music, Song Review & Press Release byVideoMusicStars&Jamsphere.

The versatile musical dichotomy is at the heart of UK independent artist, Dr L.K’s music. It could be a metaphor for the man himself. On one hand there is an artist whose tireless devotion is entertaining crowds and fan interaction and on the other disparate musical brews which cause both adorations and misunderstandings. In fact, Dr L.K aka Lincoln Kennedy himself, says of his music, “I’m an acquired taste, you’ll either love or hate”,  while he delivers doses of music diversity across the genres of R&B, Club and his own unorthodox flow of Hip Hop & Rap music.

Father Figure

Available as an exclusive free download from eitherDr LK'smain website or hisReverbnationprofile, Father Figure, is the new fresh single out by Dr LK. The song Father Figure tells the story of being brought up as a child without a father figure, or someone you can look upto and has the qualities and moral foundations of being a suitable father figure. How the mother in question has to adopt the roles of both parents, workin hard in her job as to provide for her children, as well as being the one who is the solid and loving parent to them.

"Later On Tonight"

New Single - Later On Tonight
Dr LK, ft. Alicia Renee

Later On Tonight is the new upbeat, energetic and club infused single by Dr LK, ft. Alicia Renee. Dr LK's version of Later On Tonight combines the modern day feel of a club & dance track with Old Skool tones. With the female vocals of Alicia Renee on the hook and the production of the beat produced by Allrounda Productions, Later On tonight is sure to ignite the night, or day for that matter, as it brings the weekend to any day of the week.

"Fourteen 14 Minutes"

"Fourteen 14 Minutes"

The all new and fresh EP from Dr LK.
In his usual diverse, unorthodox and un-commercialised style and flow,
Dr LK has squeezed in and released another EP, while he works on
his next full album release.

"Fourteen 14 Minutes" contains 3 songs, sharp and to the point, covering
3 different storylines. Each track fuelled with their own
inspirational message.

Dr LK would like to invite you to take a listen to the tracks of each song on
the EP consisting of:-

  1. Ima Live It - ft.
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Later On Tonight - Dr LK, ft. Alicia Renee
Keep Calm, Stand Firm (Official Music Video) & Song
New Album to be unleashed in 2019


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