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Dr LK - Life's a Journey, not a Route.

Dr L.K (Lincoln Kennedy) brings to you a totally unique combined flow of styles. An experimental cross-over mix of Dr L.K's collaboration and adaptation of R&B, Rap, Dance, Hip Hop, Reggae & Club music.

Dr L.K's versatile uniqueness to write and combine his own creative, characteristic & poetic lyrics with his melodic flow, allows him to seamlessly connect one style to another, in his own "laid back, emotionally charged, entertaining and thought provoking way". He likes to describe his flow and genre as, experimental music, as that is exactly what he does when he creates and writes a new song, in whatever genre takes his mood.

Lincoln recalls from a very early age, staring out his bedroom window and connecting with feelings, words and writing in his head. Before finally putting pen to paper, as he started his journey writing poetry. Over the years, this evolved into other areas of writing, such as blogging, an online business based on his views of spirituality and eventually, song writing. Where he expresses thoughts and feelings from his own personal space (especially as he is such a private individual), as well as those of others.

Coming from what he describes as a challenging childhood, then going through the phases of growing up, adapting into adulthood and dealing with the fruitfulness of life's challenges, temptations, gravity and seduction of adventure, Lincoln says, he's worn the t-shirt, but there isn't one big enough to emroidery all the twists his life has endured and adventured along.

Lincoln harvest's his deepest inner strength from his faith.

Truly, "Never judge a book by it's cover" & "You can never walk in another persons shoes".

Be yourself, know yourself, loose yourself, find yourself and gain your worth in life. You are your solitary investment in life, so make it count, make it happen, just believe.

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