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More Than Just A Story is the 3rd and final album to Dr LK releases. Available as a free download to his R&B & Club tracks.

More Than Just A Story, the free album download from Dr LK, the Indpependent Artist who serves you up his acquired taste of songs across the music genre's of R&B, Hip Hop, Rap & Club music.

  1. Showtime
  2. Crazy Fame
  3. I'm On It
  4. Fire
  5. Cradling Pretence
  6. Backstage Pass
  7. When You Come Home
  8. Now I'm Makin Hits
  9. No Roots
  10. Since You Left Me
  11. Fire Under My Skin
  12. Hittin The Club
  13. Memories
  14. Nightmare
  15. Power Hour
  16. My Hearts On Fire
  17. Bullet Proof
  18. Knock em Down
  19. I'm Already Gone
  20. The Greatest

Simply visit Dr LK on Reverbnation

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I'm trying to raise funds to put some videos together. Any donations, much appreciated. Bless Up.

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